Organise everything from bookings and room rates to reports, statistics and catering for your guests extra wishes. Reslogik has an intuitive Property Management System for every Hotel and Resort! Based in the cloud we offer a secure hospitality management solution with real time bookings and confirmations.

Controlled Access

With Reslogik’s User Management system, you can have other users share your workload.

Fully manage who has access to Reslogik and assign your users individual access to specific areas of the system.

Everyone on your team can participate in managing your Booking Engine without you having to do all the work, yes, it’s that simple!

This allows you spend your time on what really matters… your sales!




Manual Bookings

Yes, you can create Manual Bookings when someone arrives at your place. Your reception staff or reservations department can add a Booking into the system with just a few clicks.

Adding your new Bookings could not be more simple. Choose your Client, add your accommodation or Service, assign Extras, and you can even apply a Discount or a Promotion previously created on the system – all in one interface.

You can even connect your Booking to an existing client.


Check Availability

Use our horizontal backoffice availability calendar to immediately pinpoint the best price for your clients. Build marketing strategies, create your promotions and last minute deals.

Get the highest possible number of bookings without paying unreasonable commissions.

Bet on your Booking Engine and make Direct Bookings.



  • Users Management
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Extras
  • Manage Promotions
  • Manage Hot Deals
  • Service Rates
  • Service Group Rates
  • Allow Overbooking
  • Extras paid Per Night/Once
  • Control your Stock
  • Build Extra Packs
  • Create Manual Bookings
  • PDF/Print/E-mail Reservations
  • Mailchimp Newsletter Sync
  • Customize Theme Colors
  • Consumables Manager
  • Integrate Facebook Page
  • Drag & Drop Photo Manager
  • Returning Client References
  • Live Support Integrated
  • Daily Check-in & Check-outs
  • Today Bookings


Use all of these features and much more in your Reslogik!

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